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– Dave Freed

The Hi-Tech Solution to Building Brand Loyalty

In the world of small and medium businesses, a one-time customer is a lost opportunity. If you can manage to increase your customer retention rate by just 5%, your profits will increase anywhere from 25% to 95%. SpotOn makes it easy to do just that with our streamlined digital loyalty program. It’s your hi-tech solution to turning one-time visitors into loyal regulars and accelerating revenue.

The SpotOn Loyalty Program in Three Easy Steps

Step 1:

Set up rewards that will prompt customers to return, and then decide how many Spots each reward is worth, based upon on how often they visit or how much they spend. Offer your best products, upgraded services, or unique rewards, like being able to name a menu item.

Step 2:

Display our loyalty tablet at your counter. Customers can sign up in seconds with their phone number, email address, our mobile app, or even a card. The next time they visit, they simply tap the screen or swipe their phone to check-in. The end result is a near-frictionless process.

Step 3:

When customers earn enough Spots, they can redeem their rewards right there on the loyalty tablet. Everyone wins—customers are happy and you get return visits.

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