Several years ago, I was standing in a nursing home corridor frozen with fear, and even some horror. My grandmother had been dumped in this “home” after dementia had robbed her of herself. The conditions were awful; the smell alone made me gag and want to get her out of there. But where could she go. We did not have the means for 24×7 in-person home care, and that was clearly what she required. Life had not been fair to this wonderful woman who, herself, had sacrificed thirty-eight years of her own life providing care to patients in our local hospital.

That night, I went home filled with guilt and helplessness, and many grave thoughts of where I myself, and my wife, might be in 30 years. Would our son’s last memories of us be like my memories of my grandmother, a beautiful soul forced to surrender her dignity in a dorm room style housing unit filled with other sick people?

At dawn, I made a promise to myself. I would never let this happen to my family, and I would do everything within my power to spare other people such pain.

I’m Tony Olibas, and my passion lies in giving my clients the peace of mind that retirement should bring—but so often nowadays fails to provide. I’m talking about peace of mind without the worries and uncertainty that most people experience. It’s not always easy. There may be sacrifices and tough decisions to be made along the way. But it is a repeatable process. Because those “what if” scenarios that are regularly used in business apply directly to one’s golden years.

For more than thirty years my focus has been working with businesses to make them more efficient and secure by providing the right solutions to a variety of constituents, ranging from small business owners to “C level” executives. Over time, I’ve found that the “what if” scenarios used to keep businesses secure and efficient work equally well for individuals who seek safe investments and good yields in retirement.

Retirement isn’t about your age; it’s about how much money you have to last you through true old age, when you need outside assistance and care. My grandmother was never taught how to plan for her retirement. I won’t let that happen to my family, nor to yours.

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