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Growth Management Group’s Specialized Tax Group has helped it’s clients find $300M in benefit through Specialized Tax Incentives. Formed in 2004 GMG’s slogan “Your Growth Is Our Business” is more then just a mantra, it’s a way of doing business. Our entire purpose is to help our clients grow, by creating economic stability and growth nationally through available programs that build business revenues thus creating jobs. With over 500 team members in 40 different states, we stay on the cutting edge of available programs and serve in a wide array of industries.

Over 20 years serving clients in more than 39 countries. We know what works. We do what works. It is that simple.

– Jennifer Sabin Founder and Managing Partner

Solutions by Industry:

The below industries are not the only industries we help, this is just a sample.


Why Automotive?
Over the years and throughout the country, GMG has successfully worked with nearly every major automotive dealership brand including niche brands such as Harley Davidson.

If you are like many of our Auto Dealer clients, you have been forced to make significant improvements to your facility. These improvements are generally to your showroom, office areas, and building facade and are often in excess of $1,000,000. These improvements are eligible for Cost Segregation, and potentially 100% Bonus Depreciation!

GMG also specializes in reducing Property Taxes for Auto Dealerships which are often exorbitantly high due to the large lot size. If you own an Auto Dealership and have not completed an Engineering-based Cost Segregation study or Property Tax Review, GMG would love to work with you.

Commercial Real Estate Investment:

Nowadays, minuscule bank returns and a nervous stock market have many turning to other investments. Those placing their hard earned money (and credit) into the world of Commercial Real Estate Investment, need to know their tax incentive options, which mainly revolve around “depreciation”.

Every commercial property should be depreciated properly, especially for those generating positive cash flow. Furthermore, new construction properties over the past few years have additional “bonus depreciation” eligibility as well. At a time when tax rates are increasing, not going after these benefits can be quite costly.

GMG works with Commercial Real Estate Investors across the nation on maximizing tax incentives for their investment properties. If you have constructed, purchased, or renovated, commercial real estate over the past few years, let GMG complete a free analysis to determine your tax incentive opportunities.

Funeral Homes:

Why Funeral Homes?
An often overlooked industry for federal tax incentives is Funeral Homes. In this industry, the business has often remained “in the family” for many years, even generations. As a result, federal tax incentive eligibility has rarely been investigated.

Fortunately, for Funeral Home owners, there is likely a considerable benefit waiting for them. Since most Funeral Homes have been purchased or constructed for over $1,000,000 and the business is generally paying taxes at a high bracket, they are ideal candidates for the Cost Segregation tax benefit. Furthermore, we have seen many Funeral Homes across the nation undergoing significant renovations, most of which qualify for the benefit as well.

If you own a Funeral Home and have yet to complete an Engineering-based Cost Segregation study, now is the time to investigate this benefit. Your bottom line will thank you!


Why Hotels?
At $240,000, the Hotel & Hospitality industry is currently number two, trailing only the manufacturing sector for largest average savings received per client.

Since nearly all business owners in this industry own their building(s), there is substantial opportunity for both Cost Segregation and Property Tax projects.

GMG is the Cost Segregation and Property Tax Review provider for the Econo Lodge Franchisee Association (ELFA) and has completed studies for nearly all of the major hotel brands across the country.


Why Manufacturing?
Over $100 billion is available for U.S. manufacturers.

There is simply no other single industry with this level of available incentives. Unfortunately, small to mid-sized firms are consistently missing out on these funds. Programs such as the Section 41 Research Credit, Cost Segregation, Property Tax Mitigation, Energy EPAct, and others are potentially available to you.

If you are not a Fortune 100 firm, GMG is your specialized tax incentive advocate and will vigorously work to ensure all eligible monies are captured. If you own a manufacturing firm and are paying taxes, it is time to contact us for a free analysis of your available incentives.


Why Medical?
High Incomes equal high tax rates!

Medical practitioners, such as doctors, dentists, dermatologists, and optometrists, are often paying a substantial tax bill each year due to their high incomes. GMG’s service line is ideally suited to serve this community, evidenced by our success across the nation in procuring incentives for those in the medical community.

If you are in this industry and own commercial property, you are likely eligible for significant tax savings through GMG’s Cost Segregation service. Furthermore, if you are paying Personal Property Tax on your equipment, GMG can help lower that bill as well!

Why pay more in taxes than you have to? Let GMG go to work for you!


Why Restaurants?
From large national restaurant chains, to local dining establishments, there are hundreds of millions of incentive dollars made available by the federal government.

The industry as a whole is currently undergoing significant changes. Major renovations to “modernize” facilities are now commonplace amongst nearly every major restaurant brand. Nearly all of these renovations are eligible for federal incentive dollars. Unfortunately, most of these funds will remain in Washington.

Over the years, GMG has successfully captured millions of dollars for restaurant owners. If you have purchased, renovated, or constructed a restaurant over the past ten years, let GMG complete a free analysis to see how much you are eligible for.


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